27321 Hampden St, Madison Heights, MI 48071
27321 Hampden St, Madison Heights, MI 48071

Mesopotamian Studies

What makes KEYS GRACE ACADEMY extremely unique is the integration of Mesopotamian studies. Mesopotamia, the Cradle of Civilization, is the founding community of modern law, science, language and math. As its descendants (Assyrian/Chaldean/Syriac peoples) continue to experience a population decline worldwide, it is imperative to preserve the language and rich history. KEYS GRACE ACADEMY is currently working on formulating a complete Syriac (Modern Aramaic) curriculum to incorporate as a required class for all students. In addition to the Syriac Language, course studies in elementary, middle and high school will focus on Mesopotamian (Assyrian/Chaldean/Syriac) culture and history.

The studies stimulate interests among general and ethnic communities on the culture, history, and language of Mesopotamia-in particular, the civilizations of Sumer, Babylonia and Assyria, as well as neighboring ancient civilizations


“Mesopotamian City” by R.W. Shilling

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