About Us

KEYS GRACE ACADEMY is a nonprofit public school academy dedicated to giving students the opportunity to acquire the knowledge and skills that will build them into the next generation of confident, motivated and responsible citizens of American society. The academy entered into a services agreement with Kalasho Empowerment of Young Scholars, which manages and facilitates the program, designs curriculum and best practices, provides back office support and compliance, and more. 

Established in 2015, and authorized by Madison District Public Schools, our curriculum follows the Michigan State Board of Education guidelines for all schools, in addition to the incorporation of Mesopotamian and Near-East history and culture. The academy has since been re-authorized in 2021 for a 10 year contract. 

The result is a truly unique educational program with. We encourage all of our students to develop a strong cultural and individual identity through broad and well-balanced instruction of language arts, mathematics, science, social studies, computer science, art, music, physical education and health.

KEYS GRACE ACADEMY currently offers tuition-free classes for students in grades K-8, as well as a licensed childcare center by KEYS.

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